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ABC's of Business Dispositions - Part H

‘H’ Disposition - Hate

“Don’t say ‘hate’, that’s such a strong word!” The word hate has a lot of power. So much so that we even instruct each other not to even speak it. However, anything that powerful, has to be some good. We think of the negative outcomes of hate. When people hate themselves or the image of themselves it leads to self harm and unfortunately sometimes suicide. When spouses grow apart and begin hating each other it leads to divorce, sometimes a very ugly divorces. Could there be anything good out of something that powerful? Yes there can be.

Hate is an intense dislike for someone/something. What if hate, instead of being directed at one’s self or at another person, is directed at the bad things of this world? The energy of hate can be channeled to drive changes for the good. Many positive movements for change begin, to some degree, on the idea and power of hate. A hatred of injustices led to the launch of the civil rights movement.

If the idea of hate is still too strong for you, let’s put a positive spin on it, consider the concept of passion. Passion is often fueled by the intense desire to eradicate a wrong. Is it going to far to say that properly directed hate can eradicate a wrong? Would it be wrong for a literacy organization to hate the idea of people not being able to read? Or is it just better to say, that a literacy organization is passionate about helping people learn to read. Semantics. Whether hate or passion, properly directed, it will can be a powerful resource to your business or organization.

Next week we'll discuss 'I' Disposition.

Stay Tuned!

Hate must make a man productive. Otherwise one might as well love. --Karl Kraus

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