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Some Testimonies

  • What your team has done here will stay with these youth the rest of their lives. To have had this experience is so important. -Afterschool Matters Staff Member

  • Workshop participants' feedback on the topic of "what made the workshop series work?"

    • The wealth of information and interactive activities.

    • Great tools were shared.

    • I loved that the DEI training was very interactive. It made you put yourself in a different perspective to view things from a different point of view - out of your comfort zone.

  • Family participant's feedback to Family Workshop Series​

    • The workshop was very cool. I think it was very good for all the kids to learn. Also the workshop speaker was nice! - Child Participant​

    • Actually I like the workshop because I can spend time with my grandkids and I'm learning a lot more than I know now. I like it. - Caregiver Participant

  • Cynthia Townsend has been a game-changer in my career as an independent fine artist. Her expertise in sourcing art opportunities has been been nothing short of transformative, opening doors I never knew were possible. She has created and pitched art proposals with a level of professionalism and creativity that I truly value. I've been able to reclaim my creativity and concentrate on what I love most: creating art. -Painter Katiana Jarbath​

Some of Our Work

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Curriculum Development

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Grant Research, Writing & Reporting

Strategy Development

Workshop Facilitation

Moritz Kellerman Art


In Oklahoma

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In Other Parts of the World

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