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ABC’s of Business Dispositions - Part A

Since you are sharing your time with me, I hope that something you read here encourages or inspires you in some way. I will be posting my personal thoughts and reflections on Business Dispositions. This will relate to entrepreneurs and even those who are established in a business. To provide you with some context, I am a former elementary teacher and current business owner. Throughout my career there were a lot of ABC’s of dispositions I had to learn, hence the title of this blog series.

Why dispositions? Consider the idea or the concept of a disposition. Synonyms for disposition include:

  • Character traits

  • Habit

  • Leaning

  • Inclination

  • Readiness

  • Mind-set

What are beneficial character traits, habits, inclinations or mind-sets for those already in business or thinking of going into business? Let me share some dispositions that may naturally come to mind and others you may not have considered, which leads us to 'A'.

‘A’ Disposition - Aggressiveness

Just the mention of aggressiveness can conjure negative emotions, especially if you have been on the receiving end of wrongly motivated aggression. Though someone speaking or acting aggressively is not always a pleasant experience, there is a good side to aggression.

Aggression at the core is a strong effort. The negative emotions sometimes experienced by those on the receiving end of aggression is usually a result of the motives of the aggressor. If the aggressor’s motives are negative, the aggression will come across negatively. However, as a business owner, aggression (strong efforts with right motives) is necessary. The right motives for our clients and customers can be an invaluable force.

If you are already in business, you know the effort it took to develop your idea, sell your idea, secure resources and then to launch. If you are at the beginning stages of entrepreneurship, know that there are times that you will need to be aggressive to realize your dream and then to maintain the dream. Aggressiveness utilized to achieve a goal, and that does not harm others is a powerful tool.

Next week we'll discuss 'B' Disposition - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

Stay tuned!

"Aggression is an effective form of energy when focused in the right direction and shielded from all others." - John Driscoll, The Sales Warrior Within

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