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From a Classroom to The Class

Just as we are all teachers, we are all learners. No matter the location, if we are open, we can learn something at most every moment of a day. In my book*, I define the classroom as any place in which instruction is given and learning is received. Living rooms, dens and even bedrooms are the latest trend in classroom space. COVID-19 has rendered educational institutions around the world inaccessible, giving the idea of home schooling a new dynamic. The saying that a house doesn’t make a home is as appropriate for a classroom as well, a room doesn’t make the class. You know the class, the one that is the students’ favorite or the one that parents want their children to be in, because of the teaching and learning that occurs in that class.

Though the physical space may be different, to help facilitate the love of learning that we want to see in children, some foundational things must be cultivated in classrooms, regardless of the physical space. More important than the four walls of a room or any of the technology in it, are the tangible yet intangible things. There is a leader that values preparation, structure, patience, nurturing, encouragement, respect, exchange of information, and the most importantly, the learner. Whether parents that have chosen to educate their children at home or parents that find themselves checking emails and parent portals instead of book bags for assignments, consider how to make your child’s learning space, the class.

Next week we'll discuss Students.

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Reminders/Resources for Parents

Most cultural institutions offer online curriculum/activities by age group; from academic subjects to the arts to STEM.

National associations (by subject area) also have a plethora of resources and materials. For example,

*From the Temple to the The Classroom: What Every Teacher Can Learn

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