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ABC's of Business Dispositions - Part G

'G' Disposition - Grace

When thinking of possible topics for the letter G, I thought of common topics often associated with the launching and operating a business; goals, grit, or grind. Then the idea of ‘grace’ came to mind. Grace has a connotation of softness. The idea of softness can sometimes be seen as a detrimental business quality, so grace goes against some of the prevailing thoughts of our culture. The softness of grace is seemingly contrary to the toughness of the drive to achieve. Working hard to achieve the American dream, is one such thought.

Grace at the core is the idea of receiving something good that you don’t deserve. That means you received something of value that you didn’t have to hit the grind for or pour lots of blood, sweat and tears into. Maybe it was a connection made with a major client that you hadn’t pursued. There should be a willingness to accept grace when we encounter it. If we are willing to accept the bad things that we don’t deserve, we should also accept the good things we don’t deserve. Sometimes things in life don’t have a price, that’s grace. As business owners or entrepreneurs we need both the grind and the grace.

Next week we'll discuss 'H' Disposition - _ _ _ _ .

Stay Tuned!

Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving. -- Benjamin B. Warfield

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